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rachelpage's Journal

19 January
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A friend of mine came back from a trip to Mongolia and I stopped by for a chat and had a lot of questions for her about the foods she ate and how they were prepared. She told me all about yak milk, butter tea, and community-grown vegetables. This led to a long conversation of why they did the things they're doing. Her mother finally asked “Is that all you want to know about? food?” I felt a little self-conscious for a moment because I realized I had been overly centered on talking about what I wanted to know rather than her experiences in the trip. But after I regained my composure, I replied “Well, if you learn what they eat and why, you will know a great deal about their culture.”

I love talking about food and I really enjoy baking. I also love the fact that I can make money by selling baked goods. The income I generated from my home baked products has helped our family recover from bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process was not easy and the attorney that we used did not specialize in bankruptcy. It was only when the process has began that we realized we should have used this bankruptcy attorney reffered to me by a friend:

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